"Great tutor, fantastic for my student!"

Betsy goes the extra mile and is really working with Jennie so she gets the difficult concepts, and is right on top of her work and faxes corrections, and really sees the big picture of what my student needs to get done to pass the course. Excellent job!

Debbie - Chelmsford, MA on 2/11/2013

"Friendly and knowledgeable"

Betsy has been very helpful to my 11 yr old daughter, Who felt very self conscience about going to a tutor. Betsy was great at putting her at ease and understanding how she felt! She was very flexible with scheduling and accommodating to reschedule! She was thorough about finding out what my daughter knew and what she needed help with! She explains how math is related! A very great tutor!!

Christine - Dunstable, MA on 11/30/2012


"Great to work with!"

Betsy has been great to work with! She was very accommodating regarding scheduling algebra tutoring sessions for my 8th grade daughter. Right away she had a real sense of what skills my daughter needed to review in order to move on in algebra. Betsy is very patient and has provided great tips for tackling math problems. Best of all, my daughter really likes her and enjoys the sessions! We feel fortunate to have found Betsy!

Susan - Billerica, MA on 11/7/2012

"Fantastic, caring tutor!"

My daughter has always struggled with Math, by the time she was in seventh grade we decided that she needed some extra help. I couldn't be happier with the work Betsy did with my daughter. She is an amazing, caring human being! Betsy not only helped my daughter with pre-algebra but she also helped her with low self-esteem, organization skills and anxiety related to math. As the months went by my daughter became a more confident, organized person with a positive attitude towards math and school. Betsy went above and beyond my expectations as a tutor and I highly recommend her services.

Renata - Wilmington, MA on 9/16/2012

"Fabulous tutor"

We have been so pleased with the work Betsy has been doing with our second grader. He has responded positively to her excellent way of helping him understand math and math concepts. Her helpful and caring manner, added to the proficiency of her teaching, makes for an enjoyable and productive learning experience for our seven-year old. We have been so pleased we found her!

Martha - Methuen, MA on 2/17/2012


"Excellent tutor"

Our fourteen year old daughter has been taking math lessons with Betsy for the past two months. She has had other math tutors that understood math and knew how to teach it but Betsy has much more to offer. She spent most of the first lesson getting to know her new student as a person and wanted to know what her interests are and what makes her tick. She understands that many kids have anxiety about math and sometimes anxiety about other things that prevent the possibility of any productive learning. Betsy has shown us that no matter how much math you study and practice it is important to look at the big picture and try to resolve any other issues that might be interfering with learning anything. Meanwhile she is not just feeding math lessons but also understands what type of learner your child is to best fit a program to the individual. We give Betsy an A+ and highly recommend her as a tutor. 

Paul - Middleton, MA on 9/9/2012