"Excellent tutor"

Our fourteen year old daughter has been taking math lessons with Betsy for the past two months. She has had other math tutors that understood math and knew how to teach it but Betsy has much more to offer. She spent most of the first lesson getting to know her new student as a person and wanted to know what her interests are and what makes her tick. She understands that many kids have anxiety about math and sometimes anxiety about other things that prevent the possibility of any productive learning. Betsy has shown us that no matter how much math you study and practice it is important to look at the big picture and try to resolve any other issues that might be interfering with learning anything. Meanwhile she is not just feeding math lessons but also understands what type of learner your child is to best fit a program to the individual. We give Betsy an A+ and highly recommend her as a tutor. 

Paul - Middleton, MA on 9/9/2012