“I highly recommend Betsy!”

Betsy has been tutoring both of my daughters in math (7th grade, and Sophomore) for a few months now. Both of them have brought their grades from a C up to about an A- average in that time. She is extremely generous with her time, and has many strategies for approaching problems in ways that work for each student. If your child is struggling or frustrated with math, I highly recommend Betsy!

Cindy - Andover, MA 1/22/2019

“A wonderful resource”

Betsy has been a wonderful resource for both of my daughters. She is well-qualified and uses her math knowledge to meet the needs of her students. We are very fortunate to have her as our tutor. I highly recommend her!

Holly - Dracut, MA on 10/10/2018

“Betsy is very thorough in her approach...”

Betsy is very thorough in her approach, making sure the underlying concepts are understood. She has a lot of math resources, and provides practice materials. Betsy can show alternative methods of solution that are efficient and effective, and suggests ways to approach problems for tests. She tries to be flexible to the changes in a busy high school schedule.

Lisa - North Andover, MA on 10/08/2018

“I would definitely recommend Betsy”

I have been using Betsy's services for almost a year now. She has helped me to become successful in Math studies and takes the time to explain the concepts.  
I really appreciate Betsy's patience, as math is very difficult for me.  
I would definitely recommend Betsy’s services to others who need assistance and encouragement in Math and Physics.

Joey - Middleton, MA on 10/08/2018

“Betsy’s intervention made all the difference!”

With barely three weeks until the end of the trimester, I learned my son was really struggling with Algebra III/Pre-Calculus. Betsy to the rescue! Betsy was both generous and flexible with her schedule in order to accommodate the number of hours our son needed to get up to speed in a very short period of time. Her ability to explain complex, multi-step mathematical concepts in a manner that is easily understood and retained is unparalleled. My son felt increasingly empowered after each tutoring session and felt confident in taking his final exam. Betsy's intervention made all the difference! I recommend her whole-heartedly.

Abby - North Andover, MA on 12/14/2017

"She knows it all!"

Betsy is very knowledgeable in all aspects of mathematics - especially in middle school math, which is what I am focusing on in order to take the middle school math MTEL. Betsy helps me understand WHY thing make sense, which is important for me to be able to do as a teacher. She is always on time, has extra materials to reinforce concepts , and is patient. I am so glad I found Betsy to help prepare me for my test!

Lauren - South Hamilton, MA on 2/20/2016

"Very helpful"

Betsy came highly recommended from other parents in our town. She is helping our son learn math fundamentals that he should have learned years ago. Very flexible with scheduling, even meeting our son on the weekends. Thanks!

Jennifer - Andover, MA on 5/17/2017

"Great tutor"

Betsy has been helping my son with algebra for several months and her ability, knowledge, patience, and compassion have benefited him greatly. Not only have his confidence and math skills improved he actually enjoys his time with Betsy! So very glad she's tutoring him. Wonderful tutor!

Shannon - Andover, MA on 5/12/2017

"Very fun to work with and a great tutor"

The tutor is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient. She doesn't rush the student when the time is up, therefore I really appreciate her. She helps my son to earn more confidence in his enriched geometry class. He comes to the math class with a positive attitude since he starts taking tutoring lessons with Ms. Betsy. Overall, she is a great tutor and I wished I should have known her a few months ago. I definitely refer friends to her if anyone needs a tutor.

George - Andover, MA on 5/22/2016

"Great tutor for my son"

Betsy was very knowledgeable and helped my son get ready for honors geometry entering the 9th grade. My son felt very comfortable working with Betsy. Betsy gave my son a number of helpful study suggestions. I'm sure he'll have a successful year now!

Vasilia - Lynnfield, MA on 8/10/2015

"Wonderful tutor!"

Betsy has been my 9th grade daughter's geometry tutor this past 3 months, and has made a tremendous difference in her academic life. Not only has she really learned the material, she has grown much more confident in her abilities, which in itself has helped her perform better on tests. Betsy is very patient, very encouraging, and very thorough. She also is incredibly generous with her time, frequently staying longer than the allotted lesson time to make sure my daughter has gotten everything she needs to. And my daughter really likes her! I am so grateful to have found her!

Kim - North Andover, MA on 3/11/2015

"Excellent tutor!"

Betsy has helped my daughter tremendously. Since working with Betsy not only have her grades improved, more importantly, her confidence in math has improved as well.

Holly - Dracut, MA on 9/14/2014

"Best tutor"

Betsy was the best thing that happened for my daughter in the area of math! My daughter was studying for an entrance exam for an advanced placement class and the only reason why she did well was because she worked with Betsy. Betsy covered areas that my daughter had not yet learned in school, and she also helped my daughter figure out short cuts in order to move through the test at a good pace. Betsy is one of those people who really understands her students as individuals, is very patient and kind. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a math tutor at any level!

Isabella - Boxford, MA on 4/5/2014

"Great tutor"

Betsy is currently tutoring two of my children in Algebra 2. They have found her to be an excellent tutor. One child grasps concepts fairly quickly and Betsy challenges him with more complex problems. My other child struggles more and Betsy patiently walks her through the process. She gives clear, concise explanations and is more than willing to provide additional practice work. We are very happy with Betsy's tutoring and recommend her highly.

Kara - North Andover, MA on 2/18/2014

"Excellent teacher!!!"

We are fortunate and lucky that Betsy is our son's math tutor. She is easily accessible, accommodating and has an exceptional commitment to her service. She makes sure that my son prepares before and after the session. After each session she sends me an excellent review of what was done and what needs to be done. This review will give a clear picture what she taught. She doesn't think her job is over after the session. She follows up with me and my son. She goes above and beyond to help my son, for example when he had a test and couldn't do an one-on-one session due to bad weather, she called the tutoring service and arranged for an online tutoring. She spent more than an hour of her time to set up. After just few classes, I see that my son's grades had improved a lot. I am very confident, with her excellent teaching skills and hard work she would make our son really do well in future.

Parvathi - Andover, MA on 1/18/2014

"Able to break geometry concepts down to understandable and retainable pieces"

Betsy has been working with my daughter for over a month and in that time, I have found a boost in my daughter's confidence in geometry and a significant improvement in applying the formulas to the various problems. Betsy's approach of breaking formulas down into smaller (and easier to apply) pieces has helped my daughter to approach the problems with an understanding of what the problem is looking to accomplish (and how to apply the pieces to solve the problem). Betsy is patient and is super available to help over text and email, if needed.

Peg - Dracut, MA on 10/29/2013

"Awesome tutor!!"

Betsy's awesome. She tutored my daughter for SAT math and the results were amazing. She quickly assessed my daughter's knowledge base so they could focus specifically on the areas that needed work. My daughter's SAT score on math went up over 100 points and I am sure it was thanks to Betsy. Furthermore,Betsy is kind, encouraging and relates well to her students. My daughter really enjoyed her sessions with her.

Candy - Plaistow, NH on 9/21/2013

"A perfect fit!"

Betsy has a great way of connecting to our son. He is on the shyer side and almost 12 years old. She has a great way of making learning math much more interesting. As a result, his math grades in school are improving and he is becoming more confident!! Thanks Betsy!!!

Jeri - Wilmington, MA on 2/15/2013