Math Tutoring Services


The ongoing goal is to motivate each student and empower them with tools for success by providing:

  • Comprehensive lessons beyond help with homework
  • Review of topics covered in class
  • New methods to improve areas of difficulty 
  • Reference notes and study guides
  • Previews of upcoming topics 
  • Reinforcement of basic skills
  • Standardized test preparation

Weekly Students

Students with weekly commitments receive the following benefits:

  • Preferential weekday scheduling
  • Answers to questions between lessons 
  • Discounted online help as needed
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Student’s Responsibility

Students are expected to complete their school math homework before each tutoring session and arrive prepared with:

  • Class notes, work, homework & recent tests
  • Charged laptops or iPad with charger
  • Textbook or login for digital textbook
  • Apps and modules already downloaded


Tutor Acknowledgement

  • Parents will receive access to LESSON LOG  file to track student progress and payments.
  • All conversations regarding a student, whether via phone, digital communication or in person, will remain confidential.
  • Correspondence with a student’s teacher via email must be initiated and approved by a parent and is limited to content regarding class curriculum.
  • There is no guarantee that tutoring will improve school grades, standardized test scores or school acceptances.